Athletes of the division awards 2013

From 2013 the SAL will use a new scoring system for calculating the man/woman of the match (see the Documents page). The winners in each round, will be awarded £40 of Sweatshop vouchers.

After round 5

  • Division 1: David Gain (Radley) and Cheriece Hylton (B&B)
  • Division 2N: Callum Brown (City of Norwich) and Jo Blair (Luton)
  • Division 2S: Ryan Driscoll (Tonbridge) and Polly Keen (Havant)
  • Division 3N: Harry Clarke and Katie Skelding (both Woodford Green)
  • Division 3S: Matt Lasis and Kimberly Baptiste (both Crawley)

After round 4

  • Division 1: Rob Earle (Col H) and Catherine Holdsworth (Col H)
  • Division 2N: Mantas Laurinavicius (NEB) and Lauren Head (Wycombe Phoenix)
  • Division 2S: Sam Adams (Winch) and Jenny Stevens (Tonbridge)
  • Division 3N: Jonathan Edwards (Hunts) and Debbie McCaw (ESM)
  • Division 3S: Nick Goolab (Belgrave) and Amy Barclay (Crawley)

After round 3

  • Division 1: Tomas Saunorious (NVH) and Emma Perkins (Worthing)
  • Division 2N: Chris Hughff (NEB) and Gemma Thrower (City of Norwich)
  • Division 2S: Joe Berth-Jones (Camb H) and Julia Machin (E&E)
  • Division 3N: Matt Gunby (WGEL) and Simi Fajemisin (Oxford City)
  • Division 3S: Robert Mungham (Bracknell) and Rebecca Baines (Crawley).

After round 2

  • Division 1: Osman Muskwe (Rad) and Eloise Meakins (Herts P)
  • Division 2N: Ogo Anochirionye (TVH) and Simi Pam (P'bro)
  • Division 2S: Jack Roach (Team Dorset) and Eleanor Gatrell (Woking)
  • Division 3N: Chris Linque (WGEL) and Grace Clements (Dartford)
  • Division 3S: Graham Holder (Bexley) and Isabel Brown (Chich).

After round 1

  • Division 1: Amir Williamson (E&H) and Louise Webb (So'ton)
  • Division 2N: Michael Painter (Norw) and Laura Britain (TVH)
  • Division 2S: Craig Lacey (Camb H) and Nicole Taylor (Ton)
  • Division 3N: Tom Norman and Ayamba Akim/Hollie Redman (all WGEL)
  • Division 3S: Mark Wiseman (Brack) and Jo Rowland (Craw).