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The Southern Athletics League is the area track and field league for clubs in the SEAA region who wish to compete in joint (male & female) teams.

The league obtained a grant from UKA in 2011 and was sponsored by Sweatshop from 2012 to 2017. 

News (16th Jan 2024)

The dates of the 2024 fixtures have been agreed with UKA as:

  • Saturday 18 May
  • Saturday 15 June
  • Sunday 14 July
  • Saturday 17 August
  • Saturday 7 September (reserve date)


Scoring System 2023 and 2024

  • New scoring system: In the new league format in divisions of 18 teams, each team will be paired with another team, that they will meet in each fixture (see Structure). In the first fixture the events are conventionally scored with 6 for a win and so on. In subesquent fixtures the scores are adjusted so that the weaker of the paired teams is not disadvantaged. This is easiest to see if you imagine how an event would be scored if your paired team was not there! This must be done for all six teams in the match.
  • For example, For paired teams A&B, C&D, E&F, suppose the order in an event is A, F, B, C, E, D:
    • A is the winner and gets 5 points
    • F (ignoring E) is second and gets 4 points
    • B (ignoring A) is second and gets 4 points
    • C (ignoring D) is fourth and gets 2 points
    • E (ignoring F) is fourth and gets 2 points
    • D is last and gets 1 point
  • The SAL AGM was held via Teams on Friday 18 November 2022.
  • Following consultation with the member clubs, the SAL has decided to opt for 18-club divisions in 2023.
  • Promotion and Demotion (yet to be confirmed) : The bottom four clubs in Divisions 1, 2W and 2E will be demoted in 2023. The top two teams in Divisions 2W and 2E will be promoted. The top teams in Divisions 3 will be promoted.
  • Please be aware that only athletes affiliated to England Athletics (or one of the other home countries) will be able to compete in the SAL. Athletes affiliated in 2023 will have until 30 June to renew their affiliation.
  • The SAL Rankings on Power of Ten can be found here.