Fixture list - Division 3 north


April 14 Match 1 Lee Valley N9 0AR H N I W L U
April 14 Match 1 Luton LU1 5NY X R Z K E C
April 14 Match 1 Perivale UB6 8TJ F M B O G
April 28 Match 1 Hemel Hempstead HP2 4JS D S P Y J A
May 19 Match 2 Peterborough PE1 5BW P G K X H J
May 19 Match 2 Lee Valley N9 0AR E U S B C
May 20 Match 2 Watford WD25 7HH A Z O N M Y
May 20 Match 2 Perivale UB6 8TJ F L D I W R
June 23 Match 3 Battersea SW11 4NJ S O N R Y
June 23 Match 3 Parliament Hill NW5 1QR M E H L D G
June 23 Match 3 Ilford IG1 1FY I W B J Z P
June 23 Match 3 Watford WD25 7HH A F C U X K
July 14 Match 4 Sandy SG19 1BL G D U C Z Y
July 14 Match 4 Luton LU1 5NY X K W S J I
July 14 Match 4 Braintree CM7 1FF R H L A B
July 14 Match 4 Parliament Hill NW5 1QR M N E P F O
August 18 Match 5 Woodford IG8 8AA W I G O A E
August 18 Match 5 St Ives PE27 6SJ U P R K J C
August 18 Match 5 Hemel Hempstead HP2 4JS D B X Y N L
August 18 Match 5 Battersea SW11 4NJ S H F Z M

Club letters:

O - Barnet & District
B - Basildon
G - Biggleswade AC
R - Braintree & District AC
C - Chiltern Harriers/Bedford & County "B" Team
D - Dacorum & Tring
E - Enfield & Haringey and HAWCS (Composite)
F - Ealing, Southall & Middlesex
H - Harlow AC
M - Highgate Harriers and Mornington Chasers (Composite)
U - Huntingdonshire AC
I - Ilford AC
L - Loughton AC
X - Luton
N - Newham & Essex Beagles
P - Peterborough AC
S - Serpentine
Y - Vale of Aylesbury
A - Watford Harriers
K - West Norfolk AC
J - West Suffolk
W - Woodford Green with Essex Ladies

Z - Wycombe Phoenix Harriers